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Investing, in Australia?

Hey Ya’ll

One of the things I love about the Acorns app, is that they have spread beyond the United States. They recently opened up shop in Australia, and the venture has gone well.

The Australian Acorns app has changed their name to Raiz Invest, and has received negative comments, but I personally like their own rebranding of Acorns. It is a route the organization could take worldwide.

The well established governments associated with Acorns, American companies/ international markets and investing should have ties to the Acorns app. Millions more people could and should be investing into their future, into their retirement. And will the rise of technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics industries, job loss is coming; or has already begun.

Perhaps fin-tech apps, cryptocurrency and other forms of digital financial distribution will be our future. Millenials and younger generations to come, will rely heavily on these technologies and new technologies that are on the way.



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