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What is it like to work for UberEats?


Have you ever wanted to work for yourself, kind of?

Whenever I read an article, or check YouTube video posted reviews about what it is like to work for UberEats, I am sure you know what the responses are like. It usually goes like: “The pay isn’t enough”, “it’s a waste of time”, or simply “UberEats sucks”.

Maybe it is true for some people, I don’t see how, the contracting work you do is extremely easy, laid back, and even fun. No stress, you meet interesting people from different cultures, and get an appreciation for restaurant employees, if you don’t already have that.


It isn’t a 9-5 job..

You choooose your own hours, I am sure everyone is aware of this. What you really want to do, is take advantage of promotional hours, as well as the little things. Whenever I order from UberEats, the driver typically gets to their destination (me) quickly, they stop their vehicle and wait or call me.

They hand over the food, and say “bye” or something quick and then they take off. I am different, I will bring the order to their door. Why? it is obvious, I like the tips system that the company has finally put onto the app, because who doesn’t love an extra six or ten bucks?


I mean, why not..

All you have to do, is choose the closest orders that come to your phone, especially ones located in the promotional zones in the GPS. Grab the order, bring to the customer, if they aren’t outside, you can call them if you want. But like I said, I prefer to bring the food to their door, they tip nearly every time.

Most likely it is because they don’t expect it, usually drivers wait for the person or call them in order to drop off their order. I personally enjoy seeing an extra hundred or two hundred in tips from happy UberEaters. Plus, it’s nice to go around grabbing orders for people and their families after a long day of work, they’re too tired to cook or to go out, so it feels good to do something as simple as that for them.

Go ahead and test out this extra side gig, it is free, start getting paid to drive around. Sign up today and get $215 guaranteed over your first 40 trips.

UberEats driving

You can drive in your car, you don’t need a scooter, though it might be a bit more fun that way..


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