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Been a while..

Life has been, well, wonderful. I have returned to focusing on providing quality posts. After reviewing my options, I am going back to focusing on work that I enjoy doing, I am done with college for good.

What the past year has done

I gained people, lost people, gained and lost jobs. Getting fired, quitting, instead of going after positions where I feel no passion, and no growth, I instead continued to focus on what I would actually LOVE doing. Why spend my time working for some other persons company, when I can build my life how I want, not how limited THEY can get me along.

The losses I have had, have also been empowering. I have learned more about who I am, who I am becoming, and where I am going in this life. I am not on the path of the average person.

I am sure those reading this feel the same way for their life, but they might very well not be THERE yet. There are bumps in the road, things happen and you lose track of your original intention. Mine has evolved into not only focusing on work that I enjoy, work involved with animals and the outdoors, investing and new technologies, but what I can give back.

A great way to network, to build a social base is by volunteering. Not just for an organization for a day or several days, but volunteering to help in ANY and EVERY situation where someone or something would benefit from my assistance.

Like many of my coaches say, it is not about ME, it is about WE.


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