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The Path

The Path

I have always asked for one thing, “Give me”. It is a selfish desire to take from the world, one that ultimately rallied the universe the opportunity to teach me the lessons that will stick with me until the day I die. For years I tried to control my life, to lead it in the direction I thought would bring me success and glory. Incredible heartbreak would be the factor to tear apart the old me, and redirect my entire existence to my life purpose, finally.

I have experiences far beyond the mundane average life I expected I would have lived. Through the Marines, I have experienced different cultures from the USA, to the other side of the Earth. Throughout four years of higher education. I have reached a new elevation, both from climbing to the top of mountains, and higher awakenings in my spirituality and belief of what is possible.

I know my path now, and everything good, or bad, that has occurred, has guided myself to this moment as I share this to the world. The impact I bring to the world can help anyone who feels lost, who feels that their life has lost its meaning, or never had it. My path is to inspire others, to motivate others to dig deep and to find their inner callings, and to create amazing fulfilling relationships, where they, you, can go out into the world with a strong purpose for life. Too many people go day to day without accessing some internal guidance that will show them their passions and purpose in life, you must continue to grow otherwise you begin to die inside. I desire, in all the work I have been creating, as well as what I will learn yet, to show every person that they too can discover their purpose in life; because I too used to believe I would never have a purpose, and it feels like death, because it’s truly death of the life you deserve and wish to experience. The life where you wake up happy and full of excitement for everyday, where there is opportunity everywhere to help others and to give. The experiences that have shaped my life, have allowed me to find something inside that I never knew existed, my drive to no longer ask what I get, but to ask the question of what can I give?

I have an understanding now that we must go into every type of relationship in our life to give, even when everyone and the world wants to take away. When I began asking the universe “what can I give?”, the universe then began to return the favor.

The wishes you ask the universe, will be replied to always.


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