inspiration, motivation, Purpose

Keep going, the time starts now

Do you want to change your future? Or stay on the same path of quiet desperation?

These lines may change your life, I wish I knew it sooner. Always wanting others to approve of me, was the wrong answer to the question. The question of life. I hated every single day, no purpose, going nowhere. You have to look into your soul, deep inside to find what you’re meant to do on this planet.

Your mindset will change when you get onto the path, you will love more and forgive properly, every day will feel like a blessing rather than a curse; no matter what others say to you, you will not be swayed from your purpose. You have to begin now, you can’t start yesterday, that time is gone and you will never get it back.

Tomorrow is still possible, but you must begin now. You may as well spend the time that will disappear tomorrow, doing something for you and your future, now. You may as well spend that time helping to bring something good to the world.

Don’t sit on the couch and watch that t.v. show, unless that show is helping to inspire you in some way. Don’t waste the time in events and conversations that take away from what’s possible for you, read the books that could change your life, learn the skill that will expand your possibilities. This stagnation you feel is temporary, all you have to do is make a new decision. If that fails, try something else, just commit something to yourself for once. The time starts now.


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