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Life purpose and pain. Pt. 2


You need to endure pain

Even pain you think you don’t deserve

Pain you rightfully so do not deserve

To discover something new within you

I would not trade that pain I endured for anything, this path in life has led my life to this point; and at whatever point in time that you, dear reader, are reading this, you will know that even after reading this that my life has and still has experiences that the average person would consider negative or painful. I may be dead by the time you are searching for the help you need to find your purpose and read this, that is the simplicity of life and death.

The pains of failure, heartbreak, loss, and death are typically followed by something that will cancel out that pain, something positive such as discovering your purpose. When you look back on your life and see how the experiences life and the universe put you through, actually was designed so you could endure it all, and gain something new from the pain.


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