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Driving your life – increase safety of driving, and increase productivity in life

Usually I don’t focus when I’m driving on the freeway like most people, it helps not only with your personal safety when driving, but also for focusing on your own life and where you see it’s direction heading.

When driving through life, you will often have obstacles in your way. You can call them billboards, these may be small trucks or vans, or school buses and semi-trucks. Either way, they block your view of where you are heading. You want to get out of the way of these billboards, and to do so, you need to keep your focus ahead of the hood of the car, far down the road, as far down the freeway you can visibly see. When you see one of these billboards ahead of you, you take action, or should take action, to get beyond it, to get around it.

This can be used when first going through college, figuring out your career, discovering the path of your purpose in life, or simply driving down the freeway. Instead of eventually getting stuck behind these obstacles impeding your path, take your eyes off the hood of your life, and look far down the road to your destination. Not only will it help you accomplish goals, prevent anxiety and stress from being overwhelmed by uncertainty, but will keep you safe from internal and external sources of pain. Follow your path, keep your eyes on the prize, and make small adjustments daily to help you succeed and provide the most good to the world you possibly can.


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