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Dream relationships and life purpose


Everyone has a purpose, but until they discover their purpose, life can seem like it is on repeat. Nothing seems to change, the days blur together from focusing on too many things at once, or nothing at all. Without making decisions, any decision, something to reach the next level, you can’t possibly discover the answer you’ve always asked yourself. Make the decision to try something you gave up on, or never tried to begin.


Have you ever had a bad relationship (haven’t we all), one that started out wonderful, the type of relationship you thought would last forever? Have you ever been in a relationship where the worst in each of you came out? (be honest here) like the sayings go, “People show who they truly are in a relationship”, “You don’t know how great that certain couple is to one another behind closed doors”, etc. Why does this happen? Sometimes the person you’ve chosen as a girlfriend or boyfriend is a terrible choice, but sometimes, oftentimes its simply because one or both people don’t know how to go about having a great relationship, or something deeper. Like Tony Robbins says, “If you aren’t happy in your relationship, you aren’t happy with your life”.


If your relationship is in the rut, or you have been single for a while, it might be because of something internal rather than outside of yourself. I would know, I went through these problems that many men and women deal with, never talk about, and never own up to their own failures. When you have a powerful life purpose, and at the same time you desire the best romantic relationship you have ever had, you will be happier with your life. You will be doing things you absolutely love, you will be in a state where you are happy being single, you will enjoy the time you spend with family and friends and it’s because you finally have a complete life.


On the other side, if you enter a relationship full of butterflies and excitement, that phase will end and you will realize you are once again unhappy with your life. That other person you are with won’t make you happy, because you are unhappy with your life, with your career, and it will bring not only you down, but you will drag your partner down with you.


As I have personally dealt with, loving someone when you feel that your life has no purpose, where you hate your day job, you will stop loving that person who made you feel that they were the reason for your happiness, and you will go from loving them to needing them. You will treat them differently, as if losing them would cause you to lose the happiness in your life. No one can make you love your life except yourself.


Once you find that purpose, while in a relationship or even better, while you’re just starting out dating, and learn the fundamentals of a great and loving relationship, as well as having a fulfilling life where you would be happy with or without someone, you will have reached a point in purpose, career, and relationships that few people discover, and even fewer that are long lasting.


  • Your purpose and passions may possibly change several times throughout your life, so enjoy it while it lasts, and keep searching


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1 thought on “Dream relationships and life purpose”

  1. I have reached the point in life, being a widower, that singleness is perfectly fine for me, despite pressure from others to settle for a relationship with someone that I know just wouldn’t work. I am okay with friendships with a variety of women, and if I happen to meet another woman with whom I find a spark similar to that which I had with my wife, then I would be open to a new chapter in my life.

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