life, Purpose

Our path, and experiencing life’s difficulties

Every decision,

Every decision you make will take you farther away or bring you closer to this path; my path has led me to writing books, connecting with the world online to bring the knowledge and the successful mindset I have discovered, and to focus on helping people find their life mission, and create a loving long-term relationship. The books I read, the seminars and videos I listen to, and a consistent growth mindset has allowed me to become a better person. I am here in this world to grow more, and to challenge others to do the same for their own lives. Not to blame anyone or anything outside of yourself, but to realize that our lives are mostly the way they are due to circumstances we put ourselves in, and to accept that responsibility. I want the world to know what changed my outlook and mindset, to the point I am focused on my purpose, eating healthy, exercising daily, and providing high value to the world. The books and mindsets must be studied and then spread out into the world by you, you must take what you learn and expand on it. Inspirational individuals such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Stephen Covey, Corey Wayne, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and many others have inspired me to become who I was always meant to be.


Without reading their material, listening to their seminars, engaging in a way that was fulfilling to the success of my life and all people around me, I would not have the mindset I have now to follow my Path. There are many different definitions and traits of this path to many different people, but I feel that you have some control over this path. You can do one of two things; follow your path in life and when you see roadblocks, immediately stop and turn to something else, or when you see roadblocks you can continue to push for what you want. You will know when you are on the right path and have discovered your purpose, it will be something you will constantly want to engage with. When other people put their time and attention on things that don’t matter to you anymore, you have gotten right with your path and you are following the path to lead you to your purpose.


Our generation, with its advancing technologies and instant connection with anyone worldwide, is perfect for engaging with others your purpose. I can engage with everyone everywhere through my Investingchris social media accounts, websites, blogs, books, and eventual seminars and YouTube videos, where I focus on investing my time on things I want to put into the world (helping others with discovering their purpose, great relationships, and passions) and providing value to someone who may be facing difficulties in life, who may have interest in finding their purpose.


We are proud generations of young individuals with such powerful technologies and in an ever increasing fast-paced world, we are surmounting our primogenitor in this time period. We live in a world where peace and war are documented from smartphones and we find out about it before the governments react, where the advancing artificial intelligence and automation will likely take away a large majority low wage jobs that many people rely on to this day, where we have all this stuff bombarding us through our emails, texts, and notifications that keep our minds busy beyond preference. Yet we still live in a world where many people are unhappy, unhappy with their circumstances, unhappy with their decisions, their feelings of mediocrity and that their life isn’t where they deserve it to be; this causes stress and anxiety, depression and many of the problems that plague the world today.




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