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From Paycheck to Paycheck, to Growth and Abundance

From Paycheck to Paycheck, to Growth and Abundance


We must prevent the younger generations from living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Some people feel that this is normal, that this is okay, and even sometimes that it is good to be living this way. People of this generation, and those who will come after, deserve not additional opportunity, but a better quality of life. Mental illness, stress and anxiety could be maintained or even prevented if the youth know what to do before they even leave school for the real world. We always heard our parents say, “they never taught that in school”, of course not. The “they” that want you to leave school, without the knowledge beyond necessary basics of history, mathematics, science, and to get a job or go to college to begin accumulating debt, want that way of life to be perpetuated, they would even prefer that you owe them money for the rest of your life.


Earning a steady income to pay for what you need is imperative for everyone, but there is much more that must be done to prevent a life of debt and obligations to things and situations outside of your peace and happiness, things that many people understand but are unwilling to do due to their mindset. To maintain financial security and growth, you must earn more and spend less. If you have hardly any money, and low income, you will need to spend the bare minimum. To increase your income, you will need a better job, and to reach that point you will need high income skills to provide a higher value to the market than most people are willing to strive towards. Buying fancy cars, jewelry, even high-priced food is out of the question for those living in the paycheck to paycheck culture. If you don’t, you will wind up like all who have feel prey to this trap, inevitably owing others money, and never building on top of what you have.


You must stand out in this world.


If you are going to make waves, if you desire to put your purpose to the ultimate test, you must be willing to stand out in front of the world for all to see. There will come opportunity, the universe will present it to you and you will require yourself to take the chance to act upon it.


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