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The Road of Life

The road of life will take you on many winding paths. There will be many obstacles in your way, or they will at least seem like obstacles. You will come upon road blocks, heartbreak, loss, feelings of failure and disappointment, not only in others but in yourself. No life is perfect, but the perfect life is full of the ups and downs and bumpy roads.


When taking life in the perspective of the road, many people will focus on the hood of the car. They don’t see what repercussions or opportunities wait ahead of them. The focus is on what is here and now, instant gratification, and when one small thing goes wrong or they have a bad day, it can ruin their entire week. Rather than focusing on the pain that exists now, look down the road and see beyond all the obstacles in life. When an obstacle gets in your path, don’t let it hit you and appear to ruin your life, get out in front of that obstacle and keep your eyes far beyond the hood of the car that is your life. If you allow yourself the opportunity to see beyond where your life is, especially if you are in a state right now where you feel like nothing is going right, where you feel like your life has become stagnant, don’t fret. Your path has always and will always exist, you simply must look.


When we go years of our life never looking beyond where our life currently is, we become stagnant and unhappy with even existing. Great pain in life from loss, losing nearly everything, was the best thing to happen to me, because it allowed me to find my passion in life. Had I remained in the position where I was focused on the hood of the car, I would still be in unhappy relationships, unhappy with my daily existence, unhappy with believing I was going nowhere and blaming everything outside of myself for why my life was the way it was. When I started to take responsibility for my life, when I started focusing on what I can give rather than what I can receive, when I started to put more wishes out into the world, I was back on track with the path the universe wished I would finally figure out how to return to. My path from my childhood was to help people, to always be kind and show my heart to the cruelty of the world, I was meant to share something great with my species, with all the animals, to give love and appreciation.


I was wasting my life, I know that you dear reader may understand what I mean. I was wasting every second, my parents always told me time begins to speed up and it will disappear before you blink your eyes. I was drinking, abusing drugs and wasting my time on things that didn’t expand my value and my attitude. I didn’t see any point in trying to go for my passion, whatever that was, I felt that my life had to remain like the rest. I was stuck in a box, a box I had put myself in because it seemed like most people were living this life where they just exist every day, with no real drive to create and to produce something beautiful to give to the world. How could I ever become a person of high value? How could I ever live a life where I am constantly happy, rather than a life of constant worry and depression? I decided after many failures and never trying to go after something I truly wanted, working on something that the average person would say not to waste my time on, but I was always wasting time on the same things they were. How could I have let myself, my mindset, get to this meaningless level? You must rid yourself of the toxic people and situations, dead end jobs and habits that keep you away from giving your gift to the world. When it happens, when you start to focus far down the road, changes begin to manifest within you. You become more confident, with your family and friends, with potential mates, you come from a place of abundance rather than a place of fear and scarcity. You literally feel that you can change the world, that you can help other people in their lives.


If you fix in your mind this idea of the path, the road, and what is beyond, you will lose all fear and anxiety of whatever it is that’s putting you in that emotional box. This is because you will completely forget about the daily fears people have, because you will see the future and where you will arrive, before you have even begun. I know its difficult to imagine getting to this point, I couldn’t imagine it either, not until I was on the road to doing something that I was meant to do in this life. You feel something change physically within you when you find this purpose. So many angry people in this world could completely alter their life, if they change their mindset, if they take in the knowledge of the past and can create in their mind their future if they were to make the changes current necessary to reach it. Knowing that you have found a purpose in and of your life, will mean having the desire to do something great in this world for the rest of your life, no matter what challenges get in your way; above all, you want to make the goals you wish to accomplish in your purpose, to be beyond comprehension. Small goals have small outcomes, and they keep you away from your path and what you are capable of. If you have the goals to help a few people in your community to find their purpose and passion and to have amazing relationships and to help feed the hungry, and the community is the extent to your goals, you will stay there. But if you fix in your mind your own self, twenty years from now, having fed millions across the planet, to help someone suffering from the emotional damage of the desire to find their purpose in life, to do that across the world, and to witness deep bonds and relationships that last lifetimes, that goal inevitably pushes you beyond what you thought your limits were. The difficulties will go beyond their limits as well, but if you keep the end in sight and your heart is passionate about it, you will reach each milestone with composure.




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