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God and Purpose in a World of Light and Darkness



Taking yourself from a world full of lack of ambition and instant gratification, to being one with God, the creator of all things and the freedom of action offered unto us; during the period of time when I was building myself back up to give what I have experienced, learned, and received to all others, I still was unsure if I was finally on the path I was meant for. I was somewhat of a cynic, I always had been, I was afraid to ask or even think of questioning the existence of God; I believed every time I entered a church, that everyone around me would know I was unsure of what I believed, I felt as if I didn’t belong. I didn’t feel or believe that even if God does exist, that I would make it into heaven, if it exists. And even as I type this article I do believe that the power of God, the universe, some mythical magical force that exists was guiding me through the letters and words as I typed them up. Some part of me would always believe, even in a world full of violence and intolerance and hatred, some part of myself deep, deep down was still pure. How could I find my purpose in life, when there is this constant worry about society collapsing, evil scouring the planet, or whether God even exists; not to other people, but in my own heart, mind and soul.




And then one day, as I was typing this on my computer in a coffee shop, the appreciation for my solitude returned. All the pain of witnessing or experiencing damaging relationships, and the experience of my own turbulent relationships, as well as all the people around me who feel unappreciated and condemned to their life of purposelessness, showed me that if I was ever to experience the one thing I wanted with this woman who is out there, somewhere, I would have to bring back hope. I asked God for forgiveness, I would give more than I was capable of even giving, and if God sought that I was deserving again of entering onto the path of relationship, love, and eventually hopefully marriage and the deepest love I have ever known, I would have to give my heart and soul back to Him. It was not a matter of should, but that I would break the walls of evil that this world and society had placed around me, around most people. My purpose was not only to help others find their purpose in this slowly fleeting life, but to help spread good to the world through the power of incremental progress. Some will doubt you, they will say that the things most important to you, such as personal development for myself, is entirely BS, they may have simply given up on themselves and their destiny, their purpose to bring into the world during their momentary existence.




Without God in my life, I would continually give into the desire to receive, rather than to give more; I would continue a path full of dark shadows and a pale, meaningless existence. Following your purpose is immensely difficult not only in discovering it, but in staying on the path of it, when everything every day is trying to pull you away. When you sit in a coffee shop, or mall, or any place where humans congregate, you notice how lost they all are, but because you yourself are lost as well, you must remind yourself that you are already on the path to your purpose. The meaning of life is to give, to give your heart and what you can bring to the world; but it is to go beyond this, to stretch what you can give and learn, and without your willingness to do this, your lack of action could and possibly will affect someone somewhere who needed your willingness to act beyond your capacity. The actions you take, down the road and far far away, will either help someone struggling, or be the one thing they may have needed at that most important moment. What you do at any moment, has the possibility of making great change across the planet; the mindset you learn to create for yourself can either ensure growth or cause decay in your life and in this world. Choose the mindset that bring the most good to you and your life, that will enable your heart to grow into this world beyond what it seems capable of, no matter how silly or trivial it seems to say to yourself. The actions you take in the forever moment of the “now”, may save a life you will never meet. Every moment is now, every moment provides with it the potentiality of a reminder that this life we have is disappearing, that one day we will realize the candle of life is is almost burnt out; we desire to remind ourselves in that final moment that our life was full of accomplishments and appreciating the limited time we have wisely, rather than watching the extinguishing of our life’s light full of regrets.





When you meet someone new, the best thing you can do is to be the best of yourself, to express in your own way the good that exists in an unsettled world. Within the tumultuous religious and political landscape we experience today, there is far too much  darkness spreading. Giving the good of your heart can spread beyond that person you meet, the heart you use to pierce the world with will likely cause others to perceive you, to see the same light within themselves, and to change within themselves; “you can become an appreciator of life and match up with the universal Spirit of Creation.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer (83) – The Power of Intention.



Believing in a higher order, (God, the universe, whatever you would like to call it) can be one of many aspects to being able to calm the mind in an endlessly stormy existence. Know that you have arrived where you are today, because it is exactly where you need to be at that moment, but it does not have to be where you are going.


photo: Pexels




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