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From Paycheck to Paycheck, to Growth and Abundance

From Paycheck to Paycheck, to Growth and Abundance   We must prevent the younger generations from living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Some people feel that this is normal, that this is okay, and even sometimes that it is good to be living this way. People of this generation, and those who will come after,… Continue reading From Paycheck to Paycheck, to Growth and Abundance

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Life purpose and pain. Pt. 2

Sometimes You need to endure pain Even pain you think you don't deserve Pain you rightfully so do not deserve To discover something new within you I would not trade that pain I endured for anything, this path in life has led my life to this point; and at whatever point in time that you,… Continue reading Life purpose and pain. Pt. 2


Your Life Purpose and Relationships

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock Amazing Relationships When you find your purpose in life, when everyday is a joy and a blessing, it is a great time to be in a relationship. You are full of excitement and passion about what you are putting into the world. Time and time again, relationships break down from negative… Continue reading Your Life Purpose and Relationships

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Passive Income – How To

Several paths to take right now, that will create a snowball in the near future.. Passive income #1: Invest with fin-tech iOS/Android apps Investing is a great way to make a portion of your resources grow, turning that investment into its own passive income. Some fin-tech apps like Acorns allow you to invest small amounts of money… Continue reading Passive Income – How To

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Investing, in Australia?

Hey Ya'll One of the things I love about the Acorns app, is that they have spread beyond the United States. They recently opened up shop in Australia, and the venture has gone well. The Australian Acorns app has changed their name to Raiz Invest, and has received negative comments, but I personally like their… Continue reading Investing, in Australia?