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God and Purpose in a World of Light and Darkness

    Taking yourself from a world full of lack of ambition and instant gratification, to being one with God, the creator of all things and the freedom of action offered unto us; during the period of time when I was building myself back up to give what I have experienced, learned, and received to… Continue reading God and Purpose in a World of Light and Darkness


The Book of Life

Find your tribe. Your life is a book written about you, so what is it that you want to do? This question is what you ask yourself every time someone else asks you what you want to do with your life. How do I know this? Is it because I have been in the same… Continue reading The Book of Life

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The Road of Life

The road of life will take you on many winding paths. There will be many obstacles in your way, or they will at least seem like obstacles. You will come upon road blocks, heartbreak, loss, feelings of failure and disappointment, not only in others but in yourself. No life is perfect, but the perfect life… Continue reading The Road of Life

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Life’s Purpose, and Doubt

Find the purpose of your life The one question that everyone is asking, and no one knows the answer to. How do you find your purpose? Living, without treading the path you were destined to follow, is a life that most people want not to become their reality, yet becomes ingrained into their daily routines… Continue reading Life’s Purpose, and Doubt

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From Paycheck to Paycheck, to Growth and Abundance

From Paycheck to Paycheck, to Growth and Abundance   We must prevent the younger generations from living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Some people feel that this is normal, that this is okay, and even sometimes that it is good to be living this way. People of this generation, and those who will come after,… Continue reading From Paycheck to Paycheck, to Growth and Abundance

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Our path, and experiencing life’s difficulties

Every decision, Every decision you make will take you farther away or bring you closer to this path; my path has led me to writing books, connecting with the world online to bring the knowledge and the successful mindset I have discovered, and to focus on helping people find their life mission, and create a… Continue reading Our path, and experiencing life’s difficulties

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Dream relationships and life purpose

  Everyone has a purpose, but until they discover their purpose, life can seem like it is on repeat. Nothing seems to change, the days blur together from focusing on too many things at once, or nothing at all. Without making decisions, any decision, something to reach the next level, you can’t possibly discover the… Continue reading Dream relationships and life purpose