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Dream relationships and life purpose

  Everyone has a purpose, but until they discover their purpose, life can seem like it is on repeat. Nothing seems to change, the days blur together from focusing on too many things at once, or nothing at all. Without making decisions, any decision, something to reach the next level, you can’t possibly discover the… Continue reading Dream relationships and life purpose

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Driving your life – increase safety of driving, and increase productivity in life

Usually I don't focus when I'm driving on the freeway like most people, it helps not only with your personal safety when driving, but also for focusing on your own life and where you see it's direction heading. When driving through life, you will often have obstacles in your way. You can call them billboards,… Continue reading Driving your life – increase safety of driving, and increase productivity in life

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Keep going, the time starts now

Do you want to change your future? Or stay on the same path of quiet desperation? These lines may change your life, I wish I knew it sooner. Always wanting others to approve of me, was the wrong answer to the question. The question of life. I hated every single day, no purpose, going nowhere.… Continue reading Keep going, the time starts now

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Discovering your Life Purpose, often requires pain

Discovering your purpose in life is necessary to living a fulfilling life, having not only great relationships but amazing memorable ones, and getting out of bed in the morning with a strong will to take on the day. Many people living today feel as though they have no purpose, that their life is dragging on… Continue reading Discovering your Life Purpose, often requires pain

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Acorns investment App

Hey, you came to the right place if you're interested in investments. Like my instagram shows, i've been investing for a couple of years. The app rounds up your purchases from daily purchases like a cup of coffee, and puts the change away until it reaches $5, and then invests that money into a diversified… Continue reading Acorns investment App